Getting ready for Wi-Fi 6E/7: LIVE WEBINAR with full standards update & testing guide

The first draft release of the Wi-Fi 7 standard has been approved and the first Wi-Fi 7 product launches are now no more than a couple of years away. So are you ready for the next giant leap in Wi-Fi technology? To get you the full Wi-Fi 7 standards update and testing guide, Rohde & Schwarz is conducting a LIVE webinar on July 8. Highly recommended for all who need a jump start on R&D for both the current (Wi-Fi 6E) and next Wi-Fi standard.

Wi-Fi 7 (IEEE 802.11be) is the first Wi-Fi standard specifically designed for the 6 GHz band – and that means it will be packed with features taking full advantage of up to 1.2 GHz of new 6 GHz spectrum. For the first time Wi-Fi will be operating above 6 GHz, which presents both opportunities for super high-speed services but also challenges in implementation and testing, says Joerg Koepp, Head of Wireless Market Segment, at test and instrumentation giant Rohde & Schwarz.

“Manufacturers of Wi-Fi hardware and components will need to test over a much wider frequency band than ever before. Add to this demanding features such as 4kQAM modulation, 16 spatial streams, and multi-link operation, and the industry will need new extensive testing capabilities to develop Wi-Fi 7 products. Fortunately, complete Wi-Fi 7 testing solutions are very nearly ready,” says Joerg Koepp.

The webinar will also take an in-depth look at Wi-Fi 6E including power and other new regulations as well as the status on 6 GHz country and regional regulation across the world. Click here now to register for the free webinar – convenient viewing times available for participants in Europe, the US, and Asia. 

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